Lactuel cosmetics founded in 1956, specialized in hair care products especially hair dyes. The factory is located in Borg ElArab city, Alexandria. For more than fifty five years, we have been caring for Egyptian women hair. We produce wide range of hair care products and hair colorants including hair color cream, hair coloring powder, Henna coloring powder, hair balsam, hair shampoo, hair styling products.....etc.

Gouda’s Family:

Dr. Ali Hassan Gouda

The beginning of 1887, where Dr. Ali Hassan Gouda was born in Mariya Kafr Tesfa, Kafr Shukr al-Maliubiyya, where he and his father, after obtaining the baccalaureate, sent him to Istanbul to complete his studies here, as the colonization of all universities is to prevent Egyptians from learning and their parents are ignorant.

Then he returned to the homeland and established his own clinic in the Karmouz neighborhood of Alexandria, where he enlisted himself for the treatment of oral sex in Egypt and his interests were not compliant when treating mouths, as he was only one of the sons of Egypt, but he defended the Egyptian women and men in education. Karmouz for 4 consecutive sessions, represented by the people of Karmooz in the National Assembly, and he continued to fight and struggle for the poor in Egypt in general, his country of origin, and Alexandria in particular, until his death in 1975.


Dr. Shaukat Ali Hassan Gouda

His son, Dr. Shaukat Ali Hassan Gouda, continued what his father had blamed for defending the homeland and established many charitable societies and various social activities, and from here and in 1965, Dr. Shawkat established the National Company for Cosmetics (L’actuel) and gave all its proceeds and profits. To serve the poor in Egypt, and this was a revolution in the beauty industry in Egypt, as L’actuel Cosmetics was the first company in Egypt and the Middle East for cosmetics to produce the best products at the lowest prices and in accordance with health specifications to preserve the health of Egyptians and sell them at the cheapest prices and spend their proceeds Ali various charitable activities.

And in the same wall, he collected all his studies in Egypt and his family to work with him in this great charitable edifice.

L’actuel is the first company in the Middle East to manufacture cosmetics, helping Egypt to provide hard currency in not importing such products from abroad, and the bid is still going on.

The Gouda family is entrusted with preserving this charitable edifice forever, hoping that God Almighty accepts these deeds for the honorable sake.

Dear lady. Mirian Hassan is the wife of Dr. Shawkat Ali Hassan Gouda and his friend Al-Kifah.

Zakaria Shaker Hassan Gouda, the responsible manager